Extrusion Equipment Design

Diamond America conducts extrusion equipment design using a knowledge-based approach, intent on finding singular solutions to customers’ individual needs.

Paying close attention to the specific and unique requirements of each customer, Diamond America’s equipment performance is maximized by the use of many design enhancements. For example, by changing the geometry of screws, barrel liners, and feeders, unwanted friction is reduced, dead spaces eliminated and stagnation prevented to provide peak performance with improved energy efficiencies.

3D modeling systems provide flexibility during the design phase, adding to the level of customization that can be provided. Diamond America extrusion equipment designers also utilize Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software and a proprietary flow analysis program to model and optimize extruder, die, and component performance and quality.

Smarter Extrusion Solutions

Find smarter solutions with Diamond America design – smart extruder design to address your extrusion manufacturing issues.

Design your extrusion equipment for high performance.

The Details Are In The Design

Before any extrusion process is designed, pre-design research considers many factors.

Extrusion tooling and die design combines the newest technology with decades of experience, using software to simulate processing characteristics and predict exactly how feed material will react to internal flow geometries. Important value added characteristics of Diamond America-designed dies are as follows:

  • Die material choice i.e. stainless steel, common tool steel, for suitability and durability
  • Land length and angles of lead in between extruder and die, to optimize product forming and system pressure drop
  • Die finishes for final product quality and die wear resistance
  • Cross sectional geometry to achieve uniformity of density, swell, elongation and shear
  • Adjustments for the effects of pressure, temperature and moisture during the extrusion process
  • Final die tuning after analysis of extrusion results
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