Dial in your extrusion process with higher efficiency and more consistent results.

Your customized extruder source for higher production, longer life and more consistent quality, batch after batch.

For more than 20 years, our consultative experts have customized our materials and designs to meet specific extrusion needs across the globe. We extensively research our customers’ products, delivering smarter solutions to their rigorous quality, throughput, repeatability and uptime demands. From small, easy-to-disassembly mobile extruders to massive two-stage kneading and heavy processing extruders, we ensure you have the right extrusion equipment for seamless operation, high efficiency and a greater return on investment.

Small Tabletop Extruder
6 inch extruder
TF800 Heavy-Duty Extruder

Material Research & Extruder Development

Your Custom Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer

When you need a solution, turn to Diamond America – leading extrusion machinery designer and custom extrusion equipment manufacturer. We know extruders, and make equipment to last, from table top models that are ideal for small runs, testing and training to warehouse-sized extruder machines.

With twenty years of industry leadership, we design and produce the most reliable and efficient extruders, dies and associated equipment available. No one has more combined extrusion equipment expertise than our industry professionals.

Our experienced Diamond America design engineers and technicians can help you determine the best extrusion equipment for specific materials and applications. We guarantee quality, durable, high-performance solutions that operate efficiently and cost effectively to produce your exact end product requirements.


Supplying extruder machines to various industries, we help companies all over the world to optimize their processes, making them more efficient, productive and profitable every day. We have the experts and resources to devise solutions for the manufacture of Food, Pet Food, Polymers and Plastics, as well as products for Purification and Filtration processes.


Extrusion Equipment SERVICES

Services and Support


Our experts help solve your toughest extrusion challenges.

Extruder Design

Our designs are customized to your individual needs.


We fabricate complete processes or individual parts.

Testing Laboratory

Test material applications, processes and formulations.

Remanufacturing Services

We recondition and design improvements to increase performance.

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