Diamond America has over 20 years experience in custom extruder manufacturing, dealing with all types of materials and mixtures, temperature and pressure conditions. Listening closely to client requirements, we design optimized solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

We are experienced in extrusion across a wide range of materials including:

Material Research and Extruder Development

Expert Analysis

For research and development, Diamond America provides access to a fully equipped testing laboratory. Small batch table top extruders and floor standing models are available for confidential testing of material samples. Research results are then evaluated and discussed with clients.

Superb Control

Diamond America process control is second to none, allowing fine-tuning and enhancement of material processing while testing for the optimum mixture, temperature and final product quality. Precise duplication produces repeatability in production equipment to ensure process integrity is maintained.

Robust & Reliable

The quality of materials used in Diamond America extruder construction means reduced wear, resulting in less maintenance and downtime. High capacity bearings with increased pressure capability meet aggressive demands, while gear motors eliminate belt slippage for continuous performance.

Die Design

Factoring material research with industry knowledge into extrusion die design, custom dies can be manufactured for any profile required. Exceptional engineering with tight tolerances ensures final product quality, will meet or exceed final customer requirements. Modular, quick release designs reduces downtime during changeover or cleaning.


Whether you’re extruding plastic, rubber, feedstock, pet food or another material, we customize wear parts and barrel linings according to the material to help reduce costly corrosion and early wear, prolonging equipment life. And our unique design allows quick disassembly of the barrel, end plate and feed chute from the feed hopper, for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.

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