Extrusion Control Systems

Diamond America custom designs extrusion control systems to meet specific application requirements. Good extruder system control can increase efficiency and productivity by ensuring maximum operating efficiency for any extrusion process.

Extruder System Controls
system controls for extrusion process

Accuracy, Batch After Batch

Accurate extruder temperature, pressure and speed control is vital to ensure consistent final product dimensions and properties. Diamond America can provide equipment to monitor and control every stage of the process, from raw material input to the final extrusion.


More than twenty years of experience in the industry ensures thorough understanding of the extrusion process; the materials, extruders and equipment and applications, enabling Diamond America to provide extrusion process control and automation for easy integration into any system. Working with clients and OEMs, project management is provided to oversee the selection, design and implementation of process control systems for extrusion projects.

Measure & Record Everything

Melt pressure and temperature, together with process speed, are the most important parameters that define an extrusion process. Our highly trained and skilled engineers have the ability to create a system to monitor and control, record and measure the following:

  • Extruder Screw Speed

    Screw speed and residence time.

  • Pressure

    Operating pressures and the pressures of vacuum stages, where applicable.

  • Temperature

    Ambient temperature, barrel and die temperatures, temperature of feedstock and heating and chilling zone temperatures, where applicable.

Different levels of automation can be used, according to process needs, for example push-button control panels right through to touch screen interfaces. Examples of control applications developed by Diamond America include an extrusion barrel with 4 different temperature configurations for precise chilling and heating, a temperature control unit able to both heat and cool separate zones at the same time, recording software to collect, store and graph temperature and pressure data every second, remote feeder control to allow off-site operation from anywhere in the world, modification to include installation of an ‘emergency stop’ capability and video monitoring of an entire extrusion process for remote observation.

Diamond America develops custom extrusion control systems to ensure specific process control requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

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