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Extrusion Die

For any extrusion die manufacturer, good die design is a major factor in ensuring extrusion dies will always produce a quality final product.

Balanced melt flow across the die ensures uniform exit velocity and output consistency. Expert die design achieves this uniformity in a continuous fashion with minimal pressure drop.

Die design also affects productivity since it impacts on the throughput of the extruder. Critical factors include:

  • Open area size – the ratio of the die cross section to the screw cross section
  • Land area size – the portion of the die that forms the shape of the product
  • Die material – specifically its coefficient of friction

These parameters directly relate to extruder back pressure and, in turn, product density and screw efficiency.

Custom Dies

Diamond America offers custom designed extrusion dies for any application.

Besides using only the highest grade materials and best die tooling, the latest developments in metallurgy, heat treatment and coatings are employed to guarantee the best results.

Diamond America engineers test the material to be extruded to ensure correct die design for its specific properties and rheology using computer flow analysis. They also assess and consider the client’s process, production and yield requirements.

This thorough approach provides the critical information Diamond America needs to create and build a custom die, whether monolayer or multilayer, that will fulfill all material requirements and ensure a consistently excellent extruded product.

custom extrusion dies manufacturer Diamond America

Standard Dies

In addition to custom designed and built extrusion dies, Diamond America manufacture the following standard dies:

All manufactured dies are backed by intimate knowledge of extrusion equipment and are optimized for overall equipment efficiency.

Quick release

All dies are manufactured using a smart, modular design to allow rapid fitting and removal.

The special Diamond America swing bolt configuration means that changeover between runs, or disassembly for cleaning or maintenance, takes only minutes.

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