Diamond America has over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality, reliable extrusion equipment. With proven results in a variety of markets including catalyst, mastics, plastics and consumer products, ceramics, food and pet food, Diamond America manufactures extrusion equipment designed to work and built to last.

From table top and twin feed packing extruders, to bulk feed extruders and custom extrusion equipment built to your exact specifications, our promise does not stop with our reputation for quality. Our value extends into the partnership we enter with our customers, collaborating on material upgrades and tighter tolerances which reduce part change outs and drive process repeatability, batch after batch.



Diamond America Table Top Extruder

Table Top Extruders

Compact extruders are perfect for small batch processing and ideal for education and training. When used for testing material properties and equipment parameters, the resulting processes can be scaled up into a final extrusion solution.

twin feed extruder

Twin Feed Extruders

Input configuration is expertly optimized to handle high demands of difficult materials. Our original counter-rotating feed screw design reduces unwanted friction and stagnation while operating at peak energy efficiency while digesting almost any product.

Bulk Feed Extruder

Bulk Feed Extruders

Designed and built to handle large batch material straight from the mixer to eliminate the cost of handling. Dual, independent drives offer maximum process flexibility for challenging materials.

Custom Extruder

Custom Extruders

Customized equipment for any application. Design specialists work with the client to research, devise and test a solution to specific extrusion requirements, drawing on years of experience in custom extruder manufacturing.

All Diamond America
Extruders Feature

Sensitive Control
  • Reduced Downtime

    Modular design allows quick disassembly of the barrel, end plate and feed chute from the feed hopper, providing quick cleaning and easier maintenance.

  • Optimized Throughput

    Carefully designed input processes provide consistent material to the feedscrew allowing for a more uniform flow, greater throughput, and less scrap.

  • Longer Life

    Barrel material is customized to suit extruded material properties, to help reduce costly corrosion and early wear.

  • Superior Materials

    Only quality steel, alloys and coatings are used in extruder manufacture to ensure reliable, durable operation.

  • Fully Customizable

    Modular design means feeder, barrel and die configurations can be easily changed and adapted to requirements.

  • Sensitive Control

    Fully integrated control systems mean that process parameters are accurately monitored, regulated and recorded.

  • Fully Tested

    Extruders are “dry tested” prior to ship and can be “wet tested” upon customer request.

  • Less Waste

    Ensuring the homogeneity of material through the entire extrusion process reduces the risk of rejected end products.

  • Expert Service

    All Diamond America equipment is backed by over 20 years of extrusion experience and the support of our engineering staff.

  • Barrel Efficiency

    Extruders are designed for continuous feed to the die with reduced friction, customized to the material, using heating or cooling as required.

  • Latest Technology

    Extruder designs employ the most recent innovations and material developments, aided by advanced computerized testing capability.

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