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The extrusion process lends itself to many, diverse applications.

Useful for bulk or continuous production, extruders create objects of fixed cross-sectional profile, either simple or complex, that can be rolled, cut or pelletized as required.

Since input materials or ingredients are mixed and formed using only compression and shear forces, brittle or difficult materials are easily handled and processed into finished products.

Die and cutter design are critical for quality final results, shaping the material into required profiles, allowing for its behavior and flow under specific conditions, whilst imparting surface characteristics and finishes.

Common Extrusion Applications


Processing small batches for short runs, testing, education and training.

Purification and Filtration

Extruding substrate blocks for the chemical cleaning of air and water.


Molding cooked and cold-formed consumables of all sizes, colors, shapes and textures.

Pet Food

Manufacturing dry food or kibble, semi-moist pet food products and treats.

Polymer and Plastics

Producing high-volumes of continuously formed items, from piping to film.

Diamond America Extrusion Test Facility

Diamond America provides a fully equipped test facility for new product process and formulation testing for all applications.

The test laboratory boasts several table top extruders for small batch scaled production, as well as full scale twin feed and bulk extruders.

Experienced engineers are on hand to assist with extruder customization, die design, system controls and the selection of associated extrusion equipment.

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