About Us

Diamond America has over 20 years experience in the design, development, testing and manufacture of high quality, reliable extrusion equipment.

With proven results in many markets, from catalysts, mastics and ceramics to foods, plastics and consumer products, Diamond America produces and supports extrusion equipment that is designed to work and built to last. Working in lock step with Akron Tool & Die, their in-house manufacturing arm, Diamond America can deliver proven designs and quality manufacturing, all from a single source.

Our Team

Diamond America’s team of specialists have extensive knowledge of the full range of extrusion processes and techniques to assist with finding cost-effective, efficient solutions.

Extruders & Applications

Diamond America engineers best-in-class extrusion equipment for applications such as:

Whether standard or customized, Diamond America manufactures the most reliable, high quality extruders, machinery, dies and associated equipment available.

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Diamond America’s goal is to design quality, reliable, efficient extrusion equipment that meets the unique specifications of each and every customer.

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