Why Diamond America?

When you need higher efficiency and more consistent extrusion processing, make it an easy decision.

With Diamond America, not only do you get the best quality extruder machine made with superior materials of construction and designed with the tightest of tolerances, you get the best support from a team of engineers dedicated to delivering extruders that provide more uptime, so you can focus on efficiently extruding your materials.

Twin Feed Packers

deliver more positive feed to screw


available with serpentine flow channels or open jacket for liquid heating or cooling

Modular Design

provides quick changeouts and easy access for cleaning

Extrusion Dies

offer best-in-class design and precise tolerances and can be validated with CFD flow simulation


are ergonomically designed, hygienic and easily fitted to allow maximum uptime

System Controls

monitor and control every stage of the process, from raw material input to the final extrusion for maximum efficiency and productivity

Materials of construction include only the best stainless steel. Barrels are available with serpentine flow channels or open jacket for liquid heating or cooling, and without jacket for electric band heating. Hardened stainless steel liners can be smooth or grooved, with or without mixing pins and can be manufactured to accept pressure/temperature probes. Extruder screws are made of stainless steel, hard-faced flight O.D. for long-lasting performance and can be slotted or continuous based on the type of material to be processed. Specialty coatings are also available. Contact us for more information.

All Diamond America extruders are designed to the tightest of tolerances. From profile, wall thickness and other critical-to-quality tolerances, to design factors like extrusion speed, die type, cooling times and air temperatures, machining highly complex parts to tight tolerances has become synonymous with Diamond America. 

Our team of engineers provide extraordinary support with a consultative and collaborative approach. Starting with the first point of contact, to material testing and lab analysis, all the way through final design approval, our team is dedicated to ensuring your success. Before we turn a single part, we extensively research your product and processes to solve quality, throughput and downtime issues. For example, running a sample of your material in our lab provides the analysis needed for critical design decisions that impact efficiency and reliability.

Whether it’s a small, simple changeout and easy-to-clean lab extruder or a large two stage kneading and processing extruder, Diamond America has helped solve some unique extrusion challenges.

Diamond America Table Top Extruder

Less Downtime

Modular design allows quick disassembly of the barrel, end plate and feed chute from the feed hopper, providing quick cleaning and easier maintenance.

twin packers for advanced throughput

Advanced Throughput

Co-rotating twin packers provide consistent material to the feedscrew, allowing for a more uniform flow, greater throughput and less scrap.

twin feed extruder

Longer Life

We customize the barrel material to your product to help reduce costly corrosion and early wear.

Have an Extruder Problem? We Helped Solve Theirs.

Pet Food Extrusion Solution

Pet Food Co-Extrusion Machine

This pet food manufacturer needed a co-extruded product that contained two separate products in one bite-size dog treat. Our solution was a dual twin-feed, single-screw machine with a custom built co-extrusion die and cutter for their process.

Petrochemical Extrusion Solution

Complete Petrochemical Extrusion System

A global fuel giant needed a machine to test ceramic catalysts. We delivered with a custom-designed 2-inch tabletop lab machine equipped with continuously monitoring lab view software, remote operation, a barrel with 4 temperature zones and more.

Catalyst Machine Vacuum Solution

Catalyst Machine with Vacuum

A multinational automotive supplier needed a large, complex extruder. We crafted a two-stage lab machine with a vacuum center unit that let them experiment with different materials and temperatures, then place it directly on the production floor.

Let’s find a better solution to your extruder needs.

If you’re wrestling with an extrusion challenge, you owe it to yourself to compare our capabilities.

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