Extruder Remanufacturing Services

Diamond America offers extruder remanufacturing services for extrusion equipment of all makes. Going beyond simple reconditioning or replacement of worn parts, the whole extrusion process and complete production system is assessed and evaluated to recommend design improvements that will increase functionality and performance. Worn extruder screws and barrels are remanufactured and restored to full working order, re-optimizing the process and restoring full productivity.

Beyond extrusion, Diamond America offers rebuild of wear parts in the granulating, compaction and pelletizing industries. Extensive experience in metallurgy, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, allows Diamond America to produce components of superior quality and increased durability.

For a Better Bottom Line

Give worn extrusion equipment an update with Diamond America extruder remanufacturing services – for a better bottom line.

Evaluate your extruders & processes for maximum performance.

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