Extrusion Testing Laboratory

Diamond America’s extrusion testing laboratory is available for research and development of material applications, extrusion processes and, when needed, formulations. The test facility is equipped with Diamond America’s own table-top and floor standing extruders, with test extruder motors that are designed to handle batches ranging from a handful of material to pilot size runs. Diamond America’s engineers are on-hand to assist with testing, if required.

Customers may use the facility or send samples of material for our technicians to assist in the development of a working, reliable and efficient extrusion process. Once this has been achieved, precise system monitoring and control ensures repeatability on Diamond America equipment at the customer’s own facility.

Improve Process Control & Efficiency

Put Diamond America’s experience and technology to the test today for improved process control and efficiency.

Support your extrusion needs with complete solutions from our lab.

Examples of Innovative Designs Tested at Diamond America's Extrustion Testing Facility

  • Maximum thermal transfer – achieved by jacketing of barrel and feed throat, as standard, with directional baffling
  • In-process cooling of extrusion and feed screws – by optional circulating capability for liquid coolant
  • Optimized processing of multiple or custom carriers – using screws to provide the desired shear and added flexibility
  • Increased throughputs – due to improved screw and barrel designs
  • More positive feed – attained through improved twin-feed throat and screw design
  • Easier part repair and replacement – by modification of equipment to a modular design
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