Extrusion Equipment Manufacturing

As an extrusion equipment manufacturer, Diamond America fabricates complete extrusion processes, or individual extrusion parts, including hoppers, feeders, barrels, screws, dies and cutters, at their state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Unique capabilities for manufacturing extrusion lines and equipment include the following:

Our Promise

Problem-solving expertise and engineering know-how ensure we manufacture extrusion equipment that is designed to work and built to last.

Rely on world-class extrusion equipment manufacturers.

Extrusion Equipment Experts

High-Grade Materials

When it comes to building equipment for any type of extrusion, selecting materials that will stand up to the intense abrasion and caustic wear environments and excessive temperatures is critical. Diamond America uses only the highest grade materials, specifically tooled to handle challenging chemicals, minerals, and compounds.

Steel Selection

To increase accuracy and strength, all extrusion screws are cut from solid bars consisting of high-grade stainless steels and powdered metals. Diamond America also design and manufacture segmented screws to provide customers with the capability to replace high wear areas without having to replace the entire screw.

Metallurgy Expertise

In consultation with customers, the best alloy and heat treatment is determined for each particular extrusion process. The machine metals are finished in a high-hard state using cutting edge materials, including powdered metals. This allows Diamond America to maintain very high tolerances.

Hard Coatings

By analyzing a customer’s material and its chemical properties, Diamond America is able to select the best hard coating option for the specific process.

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