Extrusion Equipment Services and Support

Diamond America’s expert extrusion equipment services and support capabilities can assist at any stage of production planning, design and implementation to provide smart extrusion solutions that maximize productivity, improve final product quality and increase overall profitability.

Our services

Extrusion Equipment Consulting

Diamond America works closely with customers to understand their individual extrusion equipment needs and die requirements. This collaboration continues throughout the entire process, from design to laboratory testing, to manufacturing through equipment installation.

Extrusion Equipment Design

Extruder equipment performance is maximized by clever design enhancements. For example, changing the geometry of screws, barrel liners, and feeders reduces unwanted friction, eliminating dead spaces and preventing any resulting stagnation. The result is peak performance with improved energy efficiencies.

Extrusion Equipment Manufacturing

With extensive experience in extrusion equipment services, Diamond America’s team of engineers and technicians can manufacture and fabricate a reliable solution, whether it is for a full extrusion process or components of an individual extrusion system.

Testing Laboratory

Diamond America’s testing laboratory is available to support customers in research and development of material applications, extrusion processes, and, when needed, formulations. The facility is equipped with table-top and floor standing extruders, which are designed to handle batches ranging from a small handful of material to full scale pilot runs.

Remanufacturing Services

Diamond America offers remanufacturing services for extrusion equipment of all makes. Going far beyond simple reconditioning and replacement of worn parts, the whole extrusion process is examined and improvements recommend for increasing functionality and performance.

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