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Pet Food Extrusion

Fast, flexible, consistent and efficient – extrusion is an ideal production method for bulk pet food manufacture.

Properties of Pet Food

Pet food comes in dry form that is sometimes referred to as ‘kibble’, semi-moist products and treats, all of which can be produced by extrusion methods.

Dry feed for livestock is also an extruded product, being pelletized for easy metering and delivery.

Common pet food ingredients include flour, meal, corn, meat and fats with added minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Flavor enhancers, texturing agents and preservatives can also be added to improve appearance and palatability.

Pet Food
Pet Food Co-Extrusion Machine

Properties of Pet Food

Application Notes

The huge, dynamic pet food industry requires regular modification or adaption of extrusion equipment to meet new trends and market demands.

Modular die assemblies mean custom extrusion dies can be quickly changed over between runs.

Diamond America extruders are hardworking and reliable, able to be quickly and easily serviced, cleaned and maintained, reducing downtime and allowing maximum pet food production time.

Pet Food Products

  • Co-extruded pet products
  • Kibble/dry pet foods
  • Livestock feed pellets
  • Pet treats and snacks
  • Semi-moist pet foods

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