Food Extrusion Equipment

Diamond America offers a range of extruders suitable for food production or can custom design to client requirements.

Food Extrusion Process
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Properties of FOOD

High volume extrusion can efficiently produce a wide range of foodstuffs, profiled into cooked or cold-formed food products of all sizes, colors, shapes and textures.

Application Notes

Expert extruder design uses advantages of the process to favorably shape or define the food product characteristics, for example cooking during processing, puffing corn into snacks at die exit and using die design to alter finished product appearance.

All Diamond America food extrusion machines satisfy FDA requirements and are easy to clean and maintain.

Precision process control ensures consistent output quality and characteristics of final food products. Quick release die assemblies promote fast changeovers when multiple products are run on one line.

Food Products

Extruded food products include:

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