Ceramic Extrusion Equipment

Specialized ceramic extrusion equipment is designed and built by Diamond America for a wide range of ceramic products.

Ceramic Extrusion Process
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Properties of CERAMICS

Ceramics include a wide range of non-metal, inorganic materials, often crystalline oxides, carbides or nitrides. Very hard and strong materials, ceramics have extremely high melting points and most have good thermal and electrical insulation properties. Early ceramic materials were pottery, bricks and tiles, as well as cements and glass.

The modern ceramic materials, silicon and tungsten carbides, are used in the medical and electronic industries. Others are used as semiconductors, or in coatings or composites, as well as the following specific ceramics:

Application Notes

The raw material loaded into a ceramic extrusion machine is usually fine powder, with a combination of additives in the form of binders and plasticizers to impart the desired rheology. This allows the ceramic to flow freely thru the die, with or without heating or vacuum.

Ceramic Products

Industrial ceramic products produced by the extrusion process include the following:

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