Adhesives Extrusion Equipment

Diamond America produces adhesives extrusion equipment that is capable of processing these very difficult materials.

Adhesive Extrusion
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Properties of ADHESIVES

Adhesives, or glues, bind two surfaces and hold them together, resisting separation. Natural or synthetic, they can be solid or semi-solid in form and may require a chemical reaction to take place in order to harden and cause bonding.

Elastomers, thermoplastics and emulsions are all used as bases for synthetic adhesives.
Thermosetting adhesives include acrylic polymers, cyanoacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane.

Application Notes

Adhesives are extruded into products, either in raw or stick form or onto tapes or other substrates as a composite product.

Although a difficult material to process, most adhesives are handled by initial heating and mixing, if necessary, before passing into twin feed packers. The twin feed packing action ensures there is no build up of adhesive material inside the extruder machine and maintains positive flow of the melt through the die.

Specialized extrusion die design ensures the final product maintains the correct form and dimensions, even if co-extruded or extruded onto another material using a tape extrusion machine.

Adhesive Products

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