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10 Tips for Maintaining Your Extruder

It is important to conduct regular maintenance checks on your extruder to maximize the life span, generate the greatest return on investment (ROI) and maximize productivity. Read our 10 tips below for optimization and maintenance on your extruder.

Barrel and Screws

Barrel and screw damage does not get noticed until performance is hindered. Three main factors that impact barrels and screws include abrasion, corrosion, and foreign materials. Check your barrel and screws for irregular wear and damage with each cleaning. If irregular wear and damage occurs, replace the affected part from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Clean Machines Methodically

Machines should be cleaned daily, with a thorough cleaning performed weekly. Dirt and dust can clog seals, cooling fans, and gearbox oil vents, which decreases the overall performance over time.

Conduct Part Inspections

Each extruder part should be inspected carefully. This is a critical step in quality assurance to ensure that each part is functioning properly. The earlier an error can be identified, the quicker the error can be resolved, mitigate further part damage, and production can get back on track.

Check Machines for Wear and Tear

Several factors cause wear and tear over time, which include improper operating habits, accidents, environmental factors, and aging. Aging impacts critical components of the machine. For example, the seals may dry out or crack, bolts may bend, loosen, or stretch out of their original shape. Additionally, the motor and gearbox should be checked for dust/debris.

Along with the mechanical components, check electronics and electrical wires. High temperatures that arise from extended use, vibrations, and environmental factors such as dust and water can damage covered wires and circuits.

Document Your Preventive Maintenance and Service in Detail

Record keeping is a vital part of extrusion preventive maintenance. To ensure successful documentation, a complete record of the following should be maintained:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Technical specifications of the service
  • Replacement parts
  • Scheduled services

Order Spare Parts from the OEM

Ordering spare parts from the OEM increases the equipment’s lifecycle. Utilization of OEM parts provides easy comparison and equips the user with the exact part dimensions. This provides assurance that equipment parts will continue to perform at maximum capacity with each use.

Regular Lubricant Replacement and Level Checks

Your equipment relies on lubricants to function properly. These liquids reduce friction around moving parts to decrease wear and tear. The lubricants also help keep the interior of machines clean, which prevents debris buildup.

Frequently check the lubricant levels. Regularly look for debris build-up and oil seal leaks. Always use the type of lubricant suggested in the operator’s manual and the right amount of lubricant. With too little use of lubricant, the risk of increased friction and wear and tear will occur. Excessive lubrication builds up pressure and causes performance issues.

Schedule Monthly Performance Checks

Schedule monthly performance checks to confirm that all parts are working correctly, and the extruder is operating at the desired maximum capacity. Moreover, regular checks ensure adherence to the production schedule, minimal downtime, and reduction of workplace accidents.

Temperature Maintenance

Extruders should always be housed in a room or manufacturing facility with temperatures that range between 35-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Machines that are stored in temperatures outside this range risk the breakdown of equipment parts, prevention of the desired shape output, and material inconsistencies.

Train Your Employees

Lack of operator training can cause wear and tear, equipment failures, and injuries. It is important that employees know how the machine works, what the emergency action plan is, where to access the emergency action plan, and the needed safety precautions to take during machine operation.

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