screw extruder tip design

Screw Tips for Maximum Productivity

At Diamond America, we know that the screw is the heart of every plastic and cold feed extruder.

Each screw is engineered specifically to handle the exact properties of its feed material in a way that produces a consistently uniform, high-quality end product.

Different screw pitches, depths, and configurations are designed to cater for the material being processed. Once these have been specified and machined, however, the screw remains the same throughout its wear life.

There are three separate stages to an extruder screw; the feed, the transition and the metering. Each section of the screw is defined and made for its specific application and, traditionally, these remain fixed.

  • But what if certain sections of the extruder screw could be changed out?
  • What if the final processing stage at the tip of the screw could be easily altered?
  • What if a screw could be adapted to retain exactly the same metering but have a deeper feed area?

All this is now possible, through the innovative engineering of Diamond America extruder screws.

Designed for Flexibility

As a custom extrusion equipment manufacturer, Diamond America has applied the benefit of many years of experience to screw design in response to market demand for easy process modification.

Knowing that flexibility is a growing requirement for extrusion machines, we have creatively engineered a solution to provide exactly that through improved screw technology.

Our development team has devised a modular arrangement by which the screws are sectioned into their separate stages, allowing parts of the screw to be changed. A bayonet-style attachment connects each stage securely, yet allows quick-release for efficient screw changes on-the-fly. A screw can be pulled and replaced with minimal loss of process time.

The image shows Diamond America’s novel screw connection design that facilitates this rapid changeover.

All our screws are designed, programmed and machined at our in-house facility. Precision and quality controls are maintained, daily, to ensure the necessary tolerances are met in order to achieve flawless adaptation. Our in-house testing lab makes certain you achieve the results you require.

No matter what your material, we have the experience and historical data to help you design the very best screw for your application.

Let the Diamond America experts help you build versatility into your process equipment. Call us at 330-535-3330.


screw extruder tip design

Image 1. Diamond America?s rapid changeover screw design





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