Twin Shaft Mixers

Diamond America’s twin shaft mixer range is designed to handle large volumes of material that require intense mixing. Dual shafts ensure continuous mixing to achieve good material homogeneity in a short time. This fast, reliable and efficient action means that the twin shaft mixer is very process efficient, especially for high production runs. Intermeshing knives, whose pitches can be individually adjusted for fine tuning, are mounted in opposing fashion and incorporate counter-rotating action for optimal mixing flexibility.

Twin Shaft Mixer

Mixing Options Give You More Control

The mixer apparatus can be further fitted with a shredding die assembly to break up the material during mixing, for maximum surface exposure to enhance de‐airing. Options are also available for adding more shear to the process, if required.

This equipment can also be set up as a surge feeder for holding and dispensing batch mixes. After the mixing process, a large discharge chute ensures free flow of material to the next stage.

Diamond America manufactures standard twin shaft mixer models in 2”, 4”, 6” and 8” barrels; the TSM200, TSM400, TSM600 and TSM800, respectively.

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