Extruder Feeders

Diamond America manufactures extruder feeders that provide smart feeding solutions for a wide range of materials and applications. Many extrusion operations involve the batch loading of solids into feeders that control the flow of bulk material to be extruded into final products.

The behavior of bulk materials varies greatly and selection of feeders for extruders depends on the flow properties of the feed material, which are determined by the physical and chemical characteristics of its components, including:

Extrusion Bulk Feeders

Bulk Feeder

Process large difficult to handle materials. The unique design ensures consistent even flow of material to the extruder.

Twin Feed Packers

Twin Shaft Feeder

Easily handle sticky or difficult materials, for example rubber and adhesives, with our twin shaft feeder.

Positive FEED

All Diamond America extruder feeders are designed to supply positive feed that ensures high material consistency and final product quality with maximum process efficiency.

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