Sheet & Film Dies

Diamond America is a specialist in sheet and film die extrusion. Providing reliable film or sheet involves proper distribution of material in the die, along with finite adjustment of final gauge. Diamond accomplishes this with a diverse toolbox of designs which allow for computer optimized flow geometry (“coathanger”), internal flow adjustment (choker bar), and external gauge adjustment (flex lip).

Sheet and Film Die


  • Viscosity curves are used to generate an internal “coat hanger” cross section that can be optimized to handle demanding output requirements and to eliminate hotspots
  • Exclusive choker bar, thickness and width designs included for control and adjustment “on the fly”
  • Dies are performance tested by computer flow analysis


  • Used to process many types of materials including plastic, rubber, silicone and even food
  • Superior die performance
  • Easily adjusted while in operation
  • Maximized output rates
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