Flow Control Extrusion Die

Internationally recognized flow control extrusion die manufacturer, Diamond America, designs a unique multi-flow control die. This die is designed to deliver the best flow performance to strand and strip dies. It is primarily used with low viscosity materials, however, it can be used anywhere the benefits of flow uniformity are required.

Flow control extrusion dies manufactured by Diamond America can be used to produce:

  • Strands
  • Strips
  • Rounds
  • Pipes
  • Tubing
  • Sheets
  • Films
  • Co-Extrusions
Flow Control Extrusion Die


The unique multi-strand design of Diamond America’s flow control extrusion dies means that:

  • Flow is distributed through the die by redirection, not restriction
  • Shear history and residence time remain consistent across the die
  • Although the flow control die design is applied to flat dies, it is adaptable to different final product configurations, for example pipe and tubing dies


  • Each strand experiences identical flow rate, swell and shear history
  • Flow control die can handle shear sensitive or low viscosity materials
  • Multi-flow control die design is ideal for strand or strip dies but also for other extrusion applications, for example for plastic extrusion, pelletizing, eg. feedstock extrusion and co-extrusion such as in the cases of food, pet food, etc.
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