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Diamond America is a world-class custom extrusion die manufacturer, offering individual extrusion die designs for any application, backed by our trusted industry name. All dies use only the highest grade materials specifically tooled to handle challenging chemicals, minerals, and compounds. Custom extrusion dies have been made for all types of materials.

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Extruder Dies

The Details Are In The Design

It takes extensive experience of extrusion processing and understanding of material properties, behaviors and flow to design an extrusion die. Paying close attention to the specific unique requirements of each customer, Diamond America ensures that all dies are engineered to produce the exact final product dimensions and quality desired. Pre-design research considers many factors, including:

Diamond America’s 3D modeling system provides flexibility when designing a custom extrusion die. Powerful computation is used to model extruded flow into, through and out of the die. Finite element analysis (FEA) software and a proprietary flow analysis program are also used by Diamond America to optimize die performance and quality as well as reduce waste in the process.

Diamond America manufactures dies to meet the requirements for various materials in different applications including, where necessary, for co-extrusion processing.

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