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Twin Feed Extrusion Equipment

Diamond America’s range of twin feed packing extrusion equipment provides efficient processing of all materials, even those with the most challenging properties. Extensive industry experience led Diamond America’s Engineers to design and develop innovative twin feed packers.

Counter-rotating feed screws and a novel configuration of feeders, extrusion screws and barrel liners combine to digest almost any product. Built in self-cleaning action prevents material from becoming clogged or dormant at any stage in the system.

Durable stainless steel contact components are used throughout the extruder, with the optional addition of a wiper, to further decrease unwanted friction and improve throughput, allowing operation at peak energy efficiency.

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Twin Feed Extruder

Compact and Adaptable

Modular configuration allows easy customization of the Twin Feed Packers to include various extrusion die assemblies for profile or pellet processing, as well as rotary or guillotine cutters.

Operation, too, is flexible, with unlimited choices for different processing options, including using touch screen control. The jacketed barrel with ribbed liner can be heated or cooled and the feed hopper can also be insulated if temperature modification is required.

Faster processing

Diamond America’s flexible twin feed extrusion equipment can process most materials reliably and efficiently, with a range of 2”, 4”, 6”, or 8” gauge models available to optimize throughput.

Standard Extruder screws on all models have 4:1 Length/Diameter ratio and the equipment bases are 8.5″ and 14″ C/L, respectively, with the option of a Tall Stand of 42″ C/L for the larger model. We can also customize the L/D ratio to meet your specific processing needs.

A quick change die retainer allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as rapid changeover, reducing downtime and further improving productivity.

Twin Feed Packing Extruders – Benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent feed continuity
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Reduced downtime
  • Optimum configuration for difficult materials
  • Sensitive process control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Model size to suit any application

Twin feed packing extrusion equipment is suitable for use on a wide range of materials for extrusion applications in various industries.
For even the most challenging materials, Diamond America’s unique, innovative Twin Feed Extruder equipment design optimizes process efficiency while reducing waste end product.



 TF200 2″ 4 to 1 5 HP Grooved/Pin 230V/60HZ/3PH Smooth Barrel, Continuous Screw, 8 to 1 L/D
 TF400 4″ 4 to 1 15 HP Grooved/Pin 480V/60HZ/3PH 20HP MOTOR, Smooth Barrel, Continuous Screw
 TF600 6″ 4 to 1 60 HP Grooved/Pin 480V/60HZ/3PH 75HP MOTOR, Smooth Barrel, Continuous Screw
 TF800 8″ 4 to 1 150 HP Grooved/Pin 480V/60HZ/3PH Smooth Barrel, Continuous Screw

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