Pelletizing Machines

Pelletizing machines form a pellet of consistent size, shape and weight, for handling or metering purposes. Various materials need to be produced in pellet form, requiring different types of pelletizing equipment, include plastics, catalysts, chemicals and feedstock. Since a well regulated extrusion process is able to produce continuous lengths of product with a constant cross section, it is easy to uniformly pelletize by cutting it in identical lengths.

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Pelletizing & Extrusion

There are two main methods of pelletizing that are used in conjunction with extrusion equipment:

  • Melt Pelletizing

    Sometimes called die face pelletizing, is where the product is cut into pellets immediately on exit from the die, which are then conveyed and cooled by water or air.

  • Strand Pelletizing

    The process where melt is converted into long strands that are first cooled in water and solidified before being cut into pellets.

Diamond America is a pellet machine manufacturer that designs pelletizer heads, i.e. dies and cutter sets for both types of pellet making machines. Experienced extrusion engineers can assist with the entire process from mixing, extruding, and cutting the pellets.

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