Custom Extrusion Equipment

Diamond America provides individual design and manufacturing services to develop custom extrusion equipment to meet complicated and specific extrusion challenges. Thorough initial research and consultation, including testing feed materials in Diamond America’s own laboratory forms the foundation of developing an efficient and productive extrusion solution.

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Custom Table Top Extruder


Custom extrusion equipment is suitable for use on a wide range of materials for extrusion applications in many, various industries. Diamond America has the industry knowledge, experience and facilities to design and build a reliable custom extruder solution for any application to high specifications.

Drawing upon over twenty years of extrusion equipment experience and knowledge, engineers can design the equipment and die configurations that will best meet application requirements. Providing workable solutions through the manufacture of structured, high quality products and components, Diamond America is able to customize extrusion equipment to deliver the exact, expected results.

Industry Expertise

The basis for developing efficient and productive custom extrusion equipment is an intimate understanding of application demands, material characteristics, process and operating conditions. Diamond America has helped many customers decrease their energy costs, while increasing throughput and quality by suggesting ways to improve control of temperature, moisture content and material flow.

The ability to extrude even the most difficult products reflects Diamond America’s resourcefulness in finding innovative solutions. Advanced in-house manufacturing facilities mean that Diamond America keeps abreast of the latest metallurgical developments in heat treatment, specialized coatings and welding technology.

Consultative Approach

Collaboration continues beyond the initial consulting, design and laboratory testing phases, right through to equipment manufacture and installation, with unmatched levels of customer support from Diamond America’s field service team, both domestically and internationally.

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