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Rotary Cutters

With multiple blade and wire cutting selections, Diamond America’s extruder rotary cutters offer a number of high-speed cutting options.


Easily adjustable, these cutters operate with air or water induction, and can be mounted directly to the die or, alternatively, hinge mounted to easily swing to the side for quick access to the die. All designs incorporate a safety limit switch that ensures the cutter will not operate while open.

Rotary Cutter Manufacturer Diamond America

The Dynaforce Rotary Cutter is fitted with a spring-loaded swivel blade holder to ensure even, full blade contact of the cutting blade to the die face.

Diamond America produces three standard models of rotary cutter, in 2”, 4” and 6”- 8” sizes, the RC200, RC400 and the RC700, respectively. Alternatively, a fully customized cutter can be designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s exact specification.

Diamond America offers extrusion equipment consulting services, whereby cutters can be tested in our lab, to establish cutter suitability and exact process specifications for maximum final product quality and process efficiency.

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