Fly Knife Cutters

When in need of a fast, clean cut, the Diamond America fly knife cutter can deliver quick and accurate repetitive cutting of small extrusions. A flywheel-mounted blade uses inertia to slice very quickly without a sawing effect. The blade velocity and its momentum are critical factors in delivering a consistent, precise cut for any application.

Diamond America produces a standard model of fly knife cutters, the FK100 and FK200 are designed for the TT100 and SF100 1” extruders and our TF200 2” extruder. Alternatively, a fully customized cutter can be designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of a specific application.

Fly Knife Cutter

Diamond America offers extrusion equipment consulting services, whereby cutters can be tested in our lab, to establish cutter suitability and exact process specifications for maximum final product quality and process efficiency.

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