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We’re more than a custom extrusion equipment manufacturer. Our team of extruder specialists have extensive knowledge of the full range of extrusion processes and techniques that help find cost-effective, efficient solutions. Our documented case studies include helping a global fuel giant build a do-it-all machine to test ceramic catalysts for petrochemical refining, delivering a complex, massive catalyst machine for an automotive supplier in need, and assisting a customer in a sticky situation. See more Diamond America extrusion and die case studies.

And, as a custom extrusion equipment manufacturer, we know the importance of good die design in ensuring throughput and productivity. It’s not uncommon for a client to come to us with a die designed by someone else that is producing inconsistent results or causing their extruder to stall out. Find out how we Fixed a Third Party Die to Produce Uniform Product.

Diamond America Catalog fan

Diamond America Catalog

Comprehensive Catalog featuring Case Studies, features and benefits and specifications for extruders, dies, feeders, mixers, cutters and controls

Diamond America Line Card

Overview of Diamond America extrusion equipment, including extruders, cutters, dies, feeders, screws and barrels

Extruder Spec Sheets

Cold Feed Extruder Line

1" up to 8" Cold Feed Extruders Spec Sheet

Single Feeder Extruder

SF100 1″ Single Feeder Lab Extruder Spec Sheet

Table Top Extruder

TT100 1″ Lab Extruder Spec Sheet

Twin Feed Extruder

TF100 1″ Twin Feed Extruder Spec Sheet

Twin Feed Extruder

TF200 2″ Twin Feed Extruder Spec Sheet

Twin Feed Extruder

TF400 4″ Twin Feed Extruder Spec Sheet

Twin Feed Extruder

TF600 6″ Twin Feed Extruder Spec Sheet

Twin Feed Extruder

TF800 8″ Twin Feed Extruder Spec Sheet

Extrusion Dies & Cutters

Extrusion Dies

Flow Control Dies, Forming Dies, Sheet & Film Dies, Rotating Blown Film Dies

Extrusion Cutters

Standard and Custom Rotary Cutters, Guillotine Cutters, Fly Knife Cutters

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