quick changeover extruder design

Diamond America’s Quick Changeout Extruders

Are You Using A Quick Changeout Extruder Design? Akron, OH – If you’re looking for efficiency with simple changeouts that provide more run time, you should consider using a Diamond America Quick Changeout extruder design. Our Quick Changeout extruders are built with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect with Diamond America extrusion equipment … with the added benefit of efficient, accurate and repeatable changeovers. Quick Changeout extruders provide a quicker and simpler way to assemble […]

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Before and After Die Simulation

Extrusion Die Design Series – #3

Case Study:  Flow Simulation Helps Flea Collar Manufacturer Problem Customer’s die geometry was experiencing difficulty providing a uniform product. Customer noted some uneven product flow during extrusion. Objective Provide customer a design which would optimize flow and product uniformity. Process Using our CFD flow simulation software, we first analyzed the customer’s existing die design and studied the flow of material through the die. Flow simulation revealed uneven flow velocities i.e., dissimilar product flow. Original Die

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Diamond America die flow simulation

Extrusion Die Design Series – #2

Simulate flow conditions and adjust geometry for optimal flow with Diamond America’s CFD software. In our first Die Design blog post, we outlined the rich heritage of Akron Tool & Die (ATD) and the beginning of “That’s An Akron Part” – known to many in the industry as ATD’s quality and precision in die making. After purchasing the assets of Akron Extruders and rebranding as Diamond America, the organization combined manufacturing and engineering under one

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baked goods sticky extruder situation

Diamond America gets baked goods customer out of a sticky situation

New extruder with custom feeder design helps a baked goods manufacturer out of a sticky situation Akron, OH – “Drew and the Diamond America team worked very quickly to replace our existing extruder which was continually overheating. We sent two shipments of dough to Diamond America for testing in their lab. The first test provided proof of concept of the ability to extrude the desired shape at a higher output rate. The test also confirmed

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Original 1941 ATD time ticket

Extrusion Die Design Series – #1

Time Tested Extruder Dies – A Brief History of Our Roots in Die Design Akron, OH – Founded in 1941 to provide precision machining for the rubber industry, Akron Tool & Die (ATD) experienced rapid growth and began servicing the plastic industry with extrusion dies and related components for polymer processing. Through the years, the company developed custom dies for a variety of applications including strip, pelletizing, blown film, plank, and sheet. Along the way,

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