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[VIDEO] – See How To Get Better Extrusion Thermal Control with Serpentine Flow

Extrusion process temperature control is crucial for many materials, especially those dealing with sensitive ingredients in the food and pharmaceutical industries. That’s why Diamond America engineers developed Serpentine Flow to provide better temperature uniformity, more quickly and continuously, without any dead spots along the barrel.

We’ve received a lot of questions about how our Serpentine Flow technology provides better thermal control during the extrusion process. Watch the video below to see how it works!

Extrusion Thermal Control: Four bottom-line benefits

Diamond America’s Serpentine Flow extruder barrel design for fast, effective heating or cooling provides the solution for materials that require strict thermal control with the major benefits of:

  1. Greater energy efficiency when heating or cooling
  2. Better consistency in temperature control
  3. Reduced losses from barrel leakage
  4. Faster process times

Click here to see how it works – download our Barrel Heat Exchange Study with specifications.

Call us at 330-535-3330 ask us now how this Diamond America innovation can help your custom extrusion application.

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