table top tilt

Table Top Tilt

Simple design modification eliminates the frustration of cold feed extrusion distortion

Leading extrusion machinery designers, Diamond America, have developed a solution to ensure extrudate remains perfectly in shape immediately after formation.

A common concern with cold feed extrusion equipment is the maintenance of cross-sectional shape once the material is released from the die. Critical parameters don’t always remain constant, even when the extrudate is run out directly onto conveyors or tables.

Whilst expert die design is a critical factor in precision extrusion, what happens to the extruded product as it emerges from the die can dramatically affect its ability to retain the perfect shape.

“We decided to let gravity play a part in the process and discovered the solution,” says Drew Carlile, Project Manager for Diamond America custom extrusion manufacturers. “We solved the common issue of distortion by allowing adjustment of the extruder to any height or angle.”

Diamond America’s Table Top Tilt facility means that the extruder can be positioned to deliver extrudate in the most convenient way for the next stage of processing, without loss of form. It allows product emerging from the die to be sliced and diced directly into a container, eliminating unnecessary handling or potential for deformation.

The increased use of cold feed extruders in laboratory environments means that accuracy and repeatability are major factors of final product quality. The ability of the end product to fulfill its purpose may depend on how well its molded shape has been held. Precision and tolerances on the cross-sectional design are vital in test samples.

For ease of use, the mobile Table Top Tilt unit can be rolled to where it is needed in the line and secured in place by lockable wheels. User-friendly T-handles facilitate adjustment so that the extruder sits at the required height and angle.

Modular design of the machine base means the unit can easily revert to standard operation and Diamond America customers are seeing the advantages of this flexibility on the production floor as well as in the lab environment.

Since 2000, the consultative experts at Diamond America custom extrusion equipment manufacturers have been delivering extruder designs to meet specific client needs across the globe. Delivering smarter solutions like the Table Top Tilt facility, they help their customers to meet rigorous demands for quality, throughput, and repeatability.

table top tilt





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