Extruder Seal Design

Seal Design Innovations Help Reduce Machine Maintenance and Downtime

Seals are an essential component of our oil-filled gear boxes that we design and manufacture in-house for all of our cold feed extruders. In our continuing quest to improve the efficiency of Diamond America extruders, we have stepped up our game in the use of seals. Working in conjunction with a major supplier of seals and bearings we have brought about several innovations that further improve the performance reliability and longevity of our equipment.

Extruder Deal Design

A Simply Better Seal

You may well ask: ‘Why mess with something that already works?’

Oil seals provide a physical barrier that retains the oil but excludes dirt, moisture and contamination. In Diamond America extruders, seals are usually fitted around shafts, hence they are in contact with rotating or moving parts. These are known as ‘dynamic’ oil seals.

Our aim was not only to ensure the correct operation of each and every dynamic oil seal, but also to extend its life, exponentially. This would allow our customers to focus on production and product quality, without the worry of machine maintenance or downtime.

By applying our effort to improving our seals and shafts, we have improved the seal and reduced wear and, consequently, the potential for breakdowns.

This exercise of focusing our attention on a small part of our equipment’s operation has rendered Diamond America extruders practically maintenance free in terms of seals, resulting in longer run times and greater overall efficiency.

How did we do it?

We have achieved these outstanding results by focusing on three major aspects of dynamic oil seal operation:

1 – Shaft Finish

At our seal supplier’s suggestion, a special, non-grooved finish of 0.2 to 0.8 microns was attained at the exact spot where the seal touches the shaft. This perfect finish is achieved using plunge grinding and special lapping.

2 – Seal Design

Changing the seal selection to that of an oil and dust seal combination means there are now two contact points instead of a single one. This new seal creates a larger barrier because it is wider.

3 – Shaft Hardness

Since a spring backed seal is used, all shafts are hardened to a minimum of 40 – 45 HRc. This prevents groove formation on the shaft due to the pressure exerted.

With efficiency and reliability designed into every part.

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