baked goods sticky extruder situation

Diamond America gets baked goods customer out of a sticky situation

New extruder with custom feeder design helps a baked goods manufacturer out of a sticky situation

Akron, OH – “Drew and the Diamond America team worked very quickly to replace our existing extruder which was continually overheating. We sent two shipments of dough to Diamond America for testing in their lab. The first test provided proof of concept of the ability to extrude the desired shape at a higher output rate. The test also confirmed the need to design a custom feeder to supply the sticky dough to the extruder on a continuous basis. Diamond shipped us the extruder very quickly and went about designing the feeder for us. The original design was presented to us and didn’t meet our shared standards. After ongoing collaboration and a few modifications, the final design was approved. The new feeder was manufactured and shipped to us about 5 weeks after the design was approved but not before testing the design in their lab using the second batch of dough that was supplied. The material feeding is more efficient and continuously feeds the dough without sticking and without overheating. In addition to their responsiveness, professional work, and innovative hopper design, they did all of this during the COVID pandemic without us being there in person. I would highly recommend Diamond America for others experiencing similar issues.”

— President of a Manufacturer of Baked Goods in Toronto, Canada.

Diamond America is headquartered in Akron, OH and provides extrusion equipment, dies and cutters internationally.

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