quick changeover extruder design

Diamond America’s Quick Changeout Extruders

Are You Using A Quick Changeout Extruder Design?

Akron, OH – If you’re looking for efficiency with simple changeouts that provide more run time, you should consider using a Diamond America Quick Changeout extruder design. Our Quick Changeout extruders are built with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect with Diamond America extrusion equipment … with the added benefit of efficient, accurate and repeatable changeovers.

Quick Changeout extruders provide a quicker and simpler way to assemble and disassemble extruder components. Whether you need to purge and clean, analyze wear or perform routine maintenance, Diamond America’s Quick Changeout extruders provide a better solution for increasing operating efficiency and a building a better bottom line

Need to establish a standardized changeover process for your extrusion process? It’s never been easier with quick changeout extruder designs.

Additional Quick Changeout extruder benefits:

quick change extruder design


Quick Release

Efficiency doesn’t end with our Quick Changeout extruders. Our dies are manufactured using a smart, modular design to allow rapid fitting and removal. The special Diamond America swing bolt configuration means that changeover between runs, or disassembly for cleaning or maintenance takes only minutes.


Diamond America is headquartered in Akron, OH and provides extrusion equipment, dies and cutters internationally.

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