Diamond America Extruders Replace Competitors, Resulting In Operational Improvements

Diamond America recently assisted a manufacturer in the petro-chemical catalyst industry in replacing a full line of one of our competitor’s extruders. The customer was looking to increase outputs without driving up costs. By replacing the old equipment with Diamond America’s TF600 Extruder, the customer has experienced increased outputs while operating at slower RPM, which resulted in increased efficiency and wear life of consumable parts (augers, barrel liners, feeders), and lower electrical consumption. Diamond America’s Extruders are able to deliver these operational improvements due to several design and manufacturing factors, including tighter tolerances resulting in reduced stagnation, better temperature control (40°C less than old equipment), and high-quality materials of construction.

If you would like to know how Diamond America can help you to improve your operational efficiency, call 330-535-3330.

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