Diamond America Extends Capabilities of Twin Feed Extruder for Customer

Diamond America is currently developing an extrusion process for a customer who manufactures filter systems. The challenge is to improve upon a process in use at one of the customer’s foreign manufacturing plants for implementation in the United States.

The current process uses a standard extruder that feeds a vacuum-sealed extruder. Diamond America’s solution was to design a standard TF200 extruder that will feed a vacuum-sealed twin feed extruder equipped with an enhanced thrust bearing (TF200CVTS).

This will improve the existing process by enabling the customers to increase operating pressures to well over 3000 PSI, as well as increase the density of materials being extruded.

The TF200CVTS is a new design that adds a vacuum-sealed hopper section and an enhanced thrust bearing section to Diamond America’s standard TF200. Either option is available individually and can be added to any of our TF extruders.

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