Diamond America Answers Catalyst Customer’s Call to Scale New Heights

What once took a crane and weeks of time-intensive labor, not to mention costly downtime, is now a seamless process. Diamond America’s customer in the catalyst industry has an extruder spanning three decks that required regular maintenance due to heavy wear of components. A complete disassembly was required, often resulting in days, if not weeks, that the extruder was off-line.

Diamond America remanufactured the extruder’s barrels and liners using powdered metal and stainless steel to reduce corrosion and abrasion. The equipment is now more resistant to wear, greatly reducing the need for maintenance. For those instances when maintenance is required, Diamond America custom-designed a modular split housing extrusion hopper and barrel section to replace the solid one-piece design. Now our customer can perform maintenance by quickly disassembling only the segment that requires service. As a result, the downtime is greatly reduced and productivity is increased.

Extrusion Equipment – Designed to work. Built to last.
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