Customized Solutions for Ceramic Extrusion

When producing custom ceramic materials, consistency in the extrusion process is critical. Diamond America is currently consulting a manufacturer of acid-proof ceramic bricks and wafers seeking consistent output of their products and increased life of their extrusion components.

Our engineering team has recommended rebuilding the current extruder?s augers and changing the geometry to create forward force that will achieve tighter tolerances. As a result unwanted friction is reduced, ‘dead space’ in the barrel removed, and pressure is equalized allowing materials to move evenly through the die to provide consistent output.

To improve wear-life of the extruder, Diamond America uses high-grade materials specifically tooled to handle ceramics. Our screws are cut from solid bars consisting of stainless steels and powdered metals that stand up to abrasive and caustic wear environments.

Extrusion Equipment – Designed to Work. Built to Last.
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