TF800 shipment

Another Record Year in 2021

Thank You Customers For Another Record Year!

Akron, OH – Diamond America appreciates all our loyal customers. Thanks to you, 2021 was another record year!

One of our last new equipment orders prior to closing out the year is shown here. Two (8”) diameter extruders, model TF800, awaiting inspection and shipment. These Twin Feed Extruders are large in size and are designed to handle the most demanding applications. Each TF800 is capable of processing up to 214,000 in3/hr.

For a contrast in size, we placed our TF200 (2”) and TF400 (4’’) next to the massive TF800’s. Both these models reliably and efficiently process materials. So whether you need a compact extruder, such as our lab scale or tabletop machines, or a massive full-scale production machine, Diamond America provides a wide range of extruder sizes and capacities.

Compact-Large Extruders

Diamond America is headquartered in Akron, OH and provides extrusion equipment, dies and cutters internationally.

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