3D rapid prototype printer

Diamond America Adds 3D Printer For Rapid Prototyping

Diamond America's New 3D Printer

Akron, OH – Diamond America incorporates new 3D printer into its lineup of R&D tools.

Diamond America’s latest investment, the MakerBot Method X Carbon Fiber Edition 3D Printer, will be used for rapid prototyping and proof of concept. This provides our design and engineering team with valuable data which can either validate proof of concept, or provide insights for making design revisions.

Our new 3D printer allows us to print carbon fiber parts in unlimited geometries with unmatched dimensional accuracy. We are excited to share this value-added rapid prototyping and proof of concept tool with our customers.

Contact us for more information or to start your next project. 
3D rapid prototype printer

Diamond America is headquartered in Akron, OH and provides extrusion equipment, dies and cutters internationally.

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