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Extrusion Equipment Consulting

Diamond America offers equipment consulting services to help solve extrusion challenges.

This may be achieved through modification of existing extrusion processes and equipment or by specialist design of components or even entire production processes.

An expert extrusion advisor can help improve design and reduce costs, while increasing throughput and quality.

Diamond America’s Consulting Process

Diamond America works closely with customers to understand their individual extrusion equipment and die needs.

It starts with smarter questions. Extrusion equipment consultants need to know:

  • Is it a new product?
  • What is the application?
  • What is the current process?
  • Are there specific important environmental factors or conditions?
  • What is the desired throughput, in lbs./hour?
  • What final product characteristics are required?
  • Is the process temperature specific?
  • Is any pre-processing or downstream processing required?

Extensive research is conducted on materials. Samples are run in Diamond America’s Testing Laboratory to gain information on properties, behaviour and flow that can be factored into any solution.

If necessary, Diamond America’s Field Service Technicians are available to assist our customers with on-site inspection, and repair of extrusion equipment, including screw and barrel assessment as well as bore scoping.

A thorough understanding of application, desired profile, and operating conditions is the basis for developing an efficient and productive extrusion solution. Once a solution has been developed, it is thoroughly tested and fine-tuned for the optimum mixture, temperature and final product quality. Development of solutions using actual Diamond America extruders, whether standard or custom built, means that the process can be reliably repeated by the customer upon implementation.

The consultative approach continues after the sale with an unmatched level of customer support to ensure continued success and satisfaction. Field technicians work closely with Diamond America’s engineers to assess processing operations and make recommendations for improvements that may be available through additional components, new equipment, or technological advances.


Solve production problems to improve overall equipment efficiency and productivity with Diamond America extrusion equipment consulting services.

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