Extrusion Equipment Design

Diamond America designs and manufactures high-quality, long-lasting extrusion equipment through a knowledge-based approach intent on finding singular solutions to a customer’s individual needs.

We maximize our equipment performance by utilizing many design enhancements. For example, by changing the geometry of our screws, barrel liners, and feeders we reduce unwanted friction, eliminate dead spaces, and resulting stagnation. The result: peak performance with improved energy efficiencies.

Our 3D modeling system provides flexibility during the design phase, adding to the level of customization we can provide. We also utilize FEA software and a proprietary flow analysis program to optimize extruder, die, and component performance and quality.

Before we build we design. Before we design we research.

  • End Product (pellet, profile, sheet, etc)
  • Target Production Rate (lbs/hr)
  • Process Temperature (target, limits)
  • Die Pressure
  • Viscosity information
  • Metallurgy requirements (corrosion, abrasion)
  • Cleaning/Maintenance