Twin Feed Extrusion Equipment

Application: Catalyst, Food, Mastics

Diamond America’s Twin Feed Extruders feature our counter-rotating feed screw design. It provides our customers with the ability to process the most challenging materials while maintaining a positive feed to the extrusion screw. Our completely original design changes the geometry of the screws, barrel liners and feeders used in the extrusion process. As a result, we are able to reduce unwanted friction and eliminate stagnation while operating at peak energy efficiency. 

Built to handle the hard stuff — Petrochemical Catalysts, DeNox Catalysts, Carbon, Rubber (EPDM and Recyclable), Silicone, Clay, and Ceramics — as well as Food Manufacturing (Confectionary, Pet Food, Pasta).

Twin Feed Extruders are available in 2”, 4” or 6” base models, and can be customized to include various die assemblies (profile or pellet processing), temperature control options, and rotary or guillotine cutters.