Extrusion Die Repair Service

In addition to designing and building customized extrusion dies, Diamond America also offers extrusion die repair services. Our proven system of die rebuilding begins even before the die is delivered to our door.

The steps in re-manufacturing your extrusion die include:

  • Extrusion Die problems are discussed with the customer to better understand the scope of the rework. (leakage, dielines, gauging problems)
  • The Die assembly is digitally recorded.
  • A complete inspection of the outer die body is performed, noting the condition of the guards, electrical wiring and heaters, along with recording of the die gap.
  • A detailed recommendation is made to the customer on required repairs.
  • (i.e. heaters, adjustment bolts, and wiring)
  • The die is then disassembled and digital photos are taken of the flow cavity.
  • A complete inspection of the internal flow surfaces is recorded, noting feed channel depths, manifold dimensions, and surface blemishes.
  • The chrome is stripped from the die.
  • The die seal areas are ground and the flow cavities polished. The lip area is polished to 1-3 Ra and 4-6 Ra in the flow cavity. The lip area is ground flat within .0001 per 3 inches of width. The extrusion die is chromed .001 - .0015 on all flow surfaces and flash chromed on the outer body for corrosion protection.
  • The chrome is polished and any chrome build-up is removed.
  • The die is reassembled in “like new” condition and returned to the customer.